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The impedance meter

essential for Sports and Wellness Professionals

The impedance meter is a device used to measure the body composition of a person by analyzing the electrical resistance (impedance) of different tissues of the body. This method is also called bioimpedance or bioelectric impedance analysis (BIA).

In the sports and medical context, the impedance meter is used to evaluate body composition.

This information is valuable for optimizing and monitoring a person’s health status, evaluating the effectiveness of a training or rehabilitation program, and determining potential health risks related to body composition.

In your professional practice, the impedance meter is a valuable and indispensable tool. It allows you to quickly assess fitness levels and guide your clients’ training or treatment programs towards excellence and performance.

The eBiody® impedance meter

The choice of the Professionals

eBIODY is a French company specialized in e-Health and more particularly in the advanced techniques of body composition analysis.
Founded in 2012 and having for activity the distribution of medical equipment (BtoB) and the provision of services to French and foreign companies in the commercial and marketing fields. In 2017, it became the commercial subsidiary of the AMINOGRAM Company, manufacturer and French leader of portable bio-impedancemetry devices with more than 30 years of experience in research and development.

What are the benefits?

Impedance meter : how does it work ?

Using an impedance meter to measure body composition usually involves the following steps:

  1. The person stands, sits or lies on an examination table. On the back of his foot, we apply the eBiody inpedance meter which is equipped with electrodes.
  2. A weak electric current (safe and painless) is sent through the body.
  3. The eBiody measures the resistance (or impedance) of different tissues to electrical currents.
  4. The eBiody uses specific algorithms and equations to calculate the components of body composition from impedance measurements and other data (such as the person’s age, gender, height and weight).

It is useful to note that impedance meters do not provide direct measurements of body composition, but rather estimates based on models and equations. Results can be affected by a variety of factors, such as hydration, body temperature, recent food consumption and body position. Therefore, it is crucial to follow proper protocols to ensure accurate and reliable measurements. This valuable information is delivered to you in detail during some of our EMSPRO training sessions .



Our connected devices meet the ever-increasing need to maintain good health and well-being on a daily basis. Thanks to their ease of use and mobility, they allow health professionals to better accompany their clients/patients towards a personalized healthy lifestyle, and also promote prevention and health cost reduction.

The eBIODY professional impedance meters are used in the following 3 areas of activity:

What is


Bioimpedancemetry (BIA) has been used to determine body composition since the 1970s.

It consists in passing through the body an alternating electric current of low intensity and measuring the opposition of the tissues to the passage of this current. The value of impedances, phase angles, resistances and reactances collected by the measuring device allow, thanks to algorithms, to determine the body compartments crossed by the current and to provide, according to the type of device, a more or less precise and detailed result of the body composition. The current used is very low. It is completely painless.

In summary, what is the purpose of the inpedance meter?

Measurement process in brief

Step 1

Measurement by clients or coach

Step 2

Synchronization of the measurement

Step 3

Reading the results and
interpretation by the professional



Patented technology CIU Health Excellence Award


Manufacturer Aminogram 30 years of experience


Certified Medical Multi-algorithm Multi-frequency


Accommodation to standards Health data

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