Fat loss, muscle gain, toning and relaxation

25 minute session

i-shape is a revolutionary and unique device that uses electrostimulation technology. Its particularity is to specifically treat different areas at the same time, giving results in a few sessions.

The EMS technology used by i-shape has proven itself for decades. This electrostimulation technology is scientifically proven in the fitness sector, for medical rehabilitation, as well as in the aesthetic world.

This combination has been studied and upgraded year after year in order to constantly improve it. It is now a product highly indicated for the muscular reinforcement of the thighs, the buttocks and the pelvic floor.

The action of i-shape allows to transmit a direct and deep stimulation to the muscles creating perfect contractions and effective relaxation phases.

Guaranteed results:

  • elimination of fats,
  • gain in muscle mass,
  • skin toning.
La combinaison i-shape agit sur les zones de l'abdomen, des fessiers, des quadriceps et isquio-jambiens, ainsi que sur les mollets et bras pour renforcer les muscles et réduire les masses graisseuses, sans effort.

innovative concept

body remodeling

Thanks to its operation, the i-shape allows you to work your abdomen, buttocks, legs and arms at the same time, triggering large contractions and generating fat loss and muscle gain, in record time.


Areas to be treated

The buttocks





Effective Aesthetic Treatments

Effects and results in detail


Increased tone and maintenance of the muscle group


Decreased water retention and improved blood flow


Relaxation of muscles and relief of contractures


Combustion of fats and creation of new cells


Improved muscle tone and reduced flaccidity


Improvement of muscular endurance and pelvic floor


Better blood circulation and treatment of varicose veins


Reduction of cellulite in target areas

State-of-the-art technology

for aesthetic centers

With a rich experience in the aesthetic sector, i-shape EMS has been developed to offer beauty centers a state-of-the-art service. Its effectiveness allows unique treatments based on electrostimulation technology.

Now used by elite athletes, celebrities and models, i-shape offers you an effective method to work and refine your figure and health.

Up to 40,000 contractions in one session

i-shape provides more than 40,000 real contractions in a single session, reaching the deepest area of the different muscle groups. This in-depth work is equivalent to long exercise sessions.

The i-shape treatment allows you to practice active and passive gymnastics without the need of a trainer thanks to its different programs.

The contractions generated by i-shape induce an excitation of the muscle fibers, which results in a higher caloric expenditure than with conventional exercise.

In addition to this caloric expenditure, the action of i-shape accelerates the metabolism, burns fat and develops muscle mass at the same time.

The results are visible from the 2nd week.

Strengthen the pelvic floor

The i-shape training allows the strengthening and firming of the pelvic floor. This anatomical area supports the lower abdomen and regulates the sphincters, thus strengthening and regulating their functions.

Certain stages of life, such as pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, surgeries, etc… can weaken the pelvic floor muscles. This weakening of the bowel causes it to malfunction, leading to health problems such as urinary incontinence, and others.

The action of i-shape therefore significantly helps to strengthen the pelvic floor.

Benefits for the buttocks

i-shape tones the buttocks area. It helps to gain muscle mass and reduce fat stored in the tissues.

Thanks to its different programs, you can stimulate the buttocks muscles by a localized and continuous action.

The operation of the i-shape allows a targeted action for :

  • to strengthen tissues and fibers,
  • eliminate cellulite,
  • firm up the buttocks.

Innovation that makes a difference

i-shape combines the latest EMS technology with exclusive software to provide maximum efficiency in your beauty care.

The ems...

False ideas!

"EMS is risky."

It is not because you put on a suit equipped with electrodes to send stimulation to the muscles that you end up electrocuted! A programmer makes it possible to regulate their intensity to solicit the muscle without any risk for the body and the heart. In medicine, EMS is used for therapeutic purposes to prevent muscle atrophy, among other things. It is also recommended in aesthetic medicine to stimulate the muscles of the face and to prevent muscle relaxation which is the cause of aging.

1De Bisshop G, Dumoulin J. Antalgic and excito-motor transcutaneous electrical neurostimulation, Masson, Paris, 1991

"EMS hurts!"

Again, EMS would not be recommended for therapeutic follow-up after an accident or injury if it caused pain. The objective is to stimulate the muscle. At the beginning you feel some tingling and then the muscle is contracted. If pain is felt, the intensity is not set correctly and should be lowered immediately. You may feel a few aches and pains in the hours following an EMS session, but like the ones you feel after any physical effort when you have lost the habit of doing sports.

your turn!

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