I-HOMEFIT by i-motion

i-homefit : simply the best EMS device

Take back the power over your shape with electrostimulation

Take advantage of the best electrostimulation technology on the consumer market adapted for private use.

Use i-HomeFit anywhere and anytime, at home, in the office, or outside!

i-HomeFit is composed of:

  • of an electrostimulation vest,
  • a wireless transponder
  • and a smart smartphone application that “drives” your exercises.

The i-HomeFit stimulates nearly 300 of your muscles and allows you to exercise for 20 minutes, as if you had been working out for 4 hours straight!

Ergonomic and adjustable

Simple maintenance

Long life electrodes

Easy to put on

Hidden wiring system

The "MCI": the smart and practical box

Your jacket connected to your intelligent software

During your exercises, the bio-jacket you put on is connected to the i-motion software and its many pre-programmed exercise programs for you. This wireless connection is provided by a small discrete box called the “MCI”.

This i-motion HomeFit box ensures that the selected exercise program is performed correctly.

Its ultra-lightweight, state-of-the-art design allows you totrain up to 11 muscle groups at once and frees you from the hassle of cables with its wireless connectivity.

Absolute freedom of movement for successful workouts!

I-HomeFit App

A personal trainer in your hand

Select your daily workout, monitor your results, set and reach your goals.

Thanks to the application, creating your own training program has never been so easy! Indeed, it accompanies you and sends you an alert so you don’t forget your session.

The application includes different predefined training programs through a simple and intuitive platform. Each exercise is illustrated by a training video avatar. You can track your progress by recording your progress and following it as you train.

4 hours of sport in 20 minutes

Conventional training

Duration: 60 min
Calories burned: 450 kcal
Frequency: 5 days a week
Visible changes: 2 months

i-HomeFit training

Duration: 20 min
Calories burned: 450 Kcal
Frequency: 2 days per week
Visible changes: 1 month

Advantages and benefits

Area of affection of the electrodes

The ems...

False ideas!

"EMS is risky."

It is not because you put on a suit equipped with electrodes to send stimulation to the muscles that you end up electrocuted! A programmer makes it possible to regulate their intensity to solicit the muscle without any risk for the body and the heart. In medicine, EMS is used for therapeutic purposes to prevent muscle atrophy, among other things. It is also recommended in aesthetic medicine to stimulate the muscles of the face and to prevent muscle relaxation which is the cause of aging.

1De Bisshop G, Dumoulin J. Antalgic and excito-motor transcutaneous electrical neurostimulation, Masson, Paris, 1991

"EMS hurts!"

Again, EMS would not be recommended for therapeutic follow-up after an accident or injury if it caused pain. The objective is to stimulate the muscle. At the beginning you feel some tingling and then the muscle is contracted. If pain is felt, the intensity is not set correctly and should be lowered immediately. You may feel a few aches and pains in the hours following an EMS session, but like the ones you feel after any physical effort when you have lost the habit of doing sports.

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