With the EMSPRO Sport Packs, sports halls and practices enter a new era of modernity, efficiency and profitability. Designed by pros like you, the Sport Pro Packs combine top level equipment and expert services:

i-motion devices

The equipment of the augmented athlete

Leader in its category, i-motion is the manufacturer of the best electrostimulation combination in the field of sports. As exclusive distributor for the Benelux, EMSPRO offers it in all its Sport Pro Packs.


i-motion programs

Absolutely make your life easier!

The i-motion equipment is a real PLUS for the whole range of usual sports training (fitness, weight training, crossfit, etc.). By adding the use of the accompanying programs, you increase the effectiveness and impact of the EMS material tenfold.

The benefits and features of i-motion programs are amazing.

i-motion + training programs combination

The winning tandem for maximum results

BIODY XPERT weight meter

Bioimpedancemetry (BIA) has been used to determine body composition since the 1970s. The impedance meter is a valuable diagnostic tool, very popular with professionals in the field of sports, health and well-being. EMSPRO has chosen to distribute the Biody Xpert impedance meters.

Premium services: emspro supports you every day

As a professional, you need to be accompanied and supported! EMSPRO’s team is made up of experts in the field, just like you. We know the life of the auto-entrepreneurs. That’s why we go beyond selling you the best equipment on the market. We listen to you, we advise you, if necessary, we coach you. And in all cases, we ensure the follow-up of the contracts until the end, through different support formulas!

FORMAtions formula

From in-class coaching to mentoring and individual coaching, our trainers share their expertise. In order to always get the most out of the fantastic i-motion!

Leasing formula

Buy or rent? Renting for a defined period or opting for buy-sell to optimize investments? Each business has its own particularities and needs. That’s why EMSPRO offers you different acquisition formulas.

Partnership formula

The European demand for electrostimulation equipment is growing strongly among the general public. Our priority is to serve our customers. But if you feel like going further, we can discuss it…


The most requested EMSPRO Packs

Each profile has its own needs. We offer a choice between 2 Pro Packs. But the possibilities for a multi-user package are endless.

Pack 1 user Pro

Pack 2 user Pro

Need a customized paCKS PRO package?

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Some beneficiaries testify

to your PACK !

Start your own EMS studio and become a professional coach yourself. Contact our experts to test or order a Sport Pack Pro!


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