I-sculpt FMS

i-sculpt fms : Toning and fat burning

in a painless way and without any surgery!

FMS (Functional Magnetic Stimulation) by i-sculpt brings the advances of electromagnetism within the reach of aesthetics. The design of i-scuplt combines safety and quality. 100% European engineering development and manufacturing.

The treatment applied by i-sculpt is non-invasive and will suit women and men who are looking to eliminate fat and, at the same time, tone their body. The i-sculpt technique is the most advanced on the market: a targeted treatment, with results that appear within the first 4 to 6 sessions.

Proven results in just 30 minutes per session, one session per week.

Eliminates fat and tones muscles simultaneously thanks to the impulses high intensity electromagnetic produced by the i-sculpt equipment

The i-sculpt equipment

It is above all...

The software

I-sculpt fms

The intelligent software that “drives” the i-sculpt device adapts to the specificity of the body areas to be treated. It also has different functions, optimized for each objective pursued by the patient. It is developed with the most advanced technology to offer the most optimal and effective treatment. The user interface is intuitive and very easy to use.

The frequency and intensity of the programs are pre-established and designed on the basis of laboratory studies. The intensity is ideally chosen for each area to be treated.

It has a database to include the files of the different patients; this database allows a rigorous follow-up of each client and a quick start of the protocols.

Popular with many professionals, i-sculpt FMS stands out from other electromagnetic equipment on the market because it is simply more efficient and cost-effective .

The applicators

How does it work?

  1. I-sculpt has applicators that the practitioner places on the areas to be treated, such as the abdominal muscles, thighs or buttocks.
  2. FMS (Functional Magnetic Stimulation) “penetrates” the body’s tissues to reach the peripheral nerves. These transmit the signals of electrical changes to the neurons.
  3. The magnetic field passes through clothing, skin and even fatty tissue, penetrating deep into the areas we want to treat.
  4. Intensive work is done on the targeted muscle group by sending electrical impulses.
  5. These impulses cause 2 reactions:
    • they generate so-called “supra-maximal” contractions, to stimulate the muscle, which is ideal for creating muscle mass and tone.
    • These contractions also generate a lipolysis effect, i.e. the release of fatty acids, which will break up the storage of fat and promote its elimination.

How does it work?


Supramaximal contractions
that stimulate the muscle


Obtaining the lipolytic effect

Effect on muscle tissue

The treatment

Treatment areas

Why choose

I-Sculpt FMS?

The advantages

The results

Body fat

18 to 22% discount


15 to 18% increase

The ems...

False ideas!

"EMS is risky."

It is not because you put on a suit equipped with electrodes to send stimulation to the muscles that you end up electrocuted! A programmer makes it possible to regulate their intensity to solicit the muscle without any risk for the body and the heart. In medicine, EMS is used for therapeutic purposes to prevent muscle atrophy, among other things. It is also recommended in aesthetic medicine to stimulate the muscles of the face and to prevent muscle relaxation which is the cause of aging.

1De Bisshop G, Dumoulin J. Antalgic and excito-motor transcutaneous electrical neurostimulation, Masson, Paris, 1991

"EMS hurts!"

Again, EMS would not be recommended for therapeutic follow-up after an accident or injury if it caused pain. The objective is to stimulate the muscle. At the beginning you feel some tingling and then the muscle is contracted. If pain is felt, the intensity is not set correctly and should be lowered immediately. You may feel a few aches and pains in the hours following an EMS session, but like the ones you feel after any physical effort when you have lost the habit of doing sports.

your turn!

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