I-MODEL Esthetic

A revolutionary new feature

In the beauty sector

i-model Estetik offers a global approach to body care. Combining a high-performance combination with the latest slimming software, i-model’s promise is :

  • Tissue and muscle toning
  • Reduction of cellulite
  • Fat loss
  • Reshaped silhouette.

i-model provides excellent results, in a minimum of time, possibly without any physical effort from the patient.

Complete treatment in one 20-minute session.

New device equipped with EMS technology for a complete treatment allowing to obtain excellent results in only a few sessions

The EMS technology used by i-model has been tested for years on the whole body and is approved by scientific experts in the field of beauty care. These years of study have allowed us to optimize the product and to recommend it as part ofa holistic treatment.

i-model principles

i-model transmits direct and deep stimulation to the muscles, contracting and releasing them in an optimal way. Thus, the fat mass is reduced, and a gain in muscle mass is visible in a few sessions, while toning the skin.

i-model is recommended to obtain optimal results for body contouring through passive treatments. These treatments require virtually no activity, so the client does not have to do any physical activity to achieve excellent results.

Beneficial effects on the body

i-model helps to tone the treated areas by reducing localized fatin the tissues and by making you gain muscle mass.

Thanks to its numerous programs, you can treat different parts of the body by directly stimulating the muscles of the buttocks, back, arms, legs and abdomen.

The success of i-model is due to its specifically targeted passive treatment that allows for a localized or global effect on different areas of the body.

In this way, the treatment strengthens tissues and muscle fibers, reducing fat and toning the body.

Water retention

The i-model technology increases the temperature of the muscles, thus promoting better blood circulation and draining the targeted area.

Specific programs have been developed for i-model to improve muscle tone and blood circulation to obtain convincing results on water retention.

The contraction generated by i-model on the muscle allows to tone and strengthen it. For fatty tissues, a specific and continuous current is applied to reduce water retention and improve circulation.

Treatments can be done 2 to 3 times a week. Several sessions will reduce water retention and body fat, thus reducing visible cellulite and improving muscle tone. The i-model device has an action on the muscle fibers, which accelerates the metabolism and mobilizes the fats of the body to eliminate them.

Pelvic floor

The i-model treatment produces significant beneficial effects on the pelvic floor muscles, strengthening them and restoring their tone.

In fact, the treatment tones the anatomical area that maintains the lower part of the abdomen and regulates the sphincters, allowing them to perform their function correctly.

Certain situations such as pregnancy, childbirth, menopause or surgery can damage and weaken the pelvic floor muscles, which can lead to sexual problems and urinary incontinence, among others.

i-model esthetic

Measurement of electro-kilocalories

Our i-model device applies an innovative technique: the E-Kcal (electro-calories) measurement system.

This innovative system measures calorie consumption based on a series of parameters (intensity, frequency, weight, height, age and sex of the patient) necessary for the calculation of the electro-beam.

The result obtained is translated into a points system that is updated as the session progresses and recorded on the client’s card, which makes it possible to compare the sessions between them.

New complete remodeling of the silhouette

Up to 40,000 contractions in one session

Thanks to its specific operation, i-model allows you to work the whole body by generating more than 40,000 real contractions in the deepest part of the muscles. The legs, arms, buttocks, chest, back and abdomen can be treated with contractions to lose fat and gain muscle mass.

Is the caloric expenditure resulting from an i-model treatment greater than that of conventional exercise?

i-model works the muscles in depth in a targeted way and helps accelerate the metabolism, lose fat and gain muscle mass.

Visible results from the first session.

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