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i-motion training programs

How does it work?

The EMS devices offered by EMSPRO are developed by engineers. Regularly updated to remain at the cutting edge of technology, these programs are ergonomic and driven by an adaptive, easy-to-use and very intuitive software.

Via his console, each coach has the possibility to :

  1. choose one of the 20 pre-recorded programs and workout routines,
  2. fully customize a training sequence.

In both cases, the objective will be toquickly obtain targeted results, taking into account :

  • the morphology of his or her client,
  • the physical condition of his/her client,
  • expected results (strength training, endurance, fitness, etc.)

An EMS session flow with program

Before each session, students put on their bio-jacket. The coach then programs the tablet connected to the bio-jacket according to the objectives of the session. And here we go for 20 minutes of specific exercises, under the +/- close supervision of the coach!

ems programs

What are they treating?

Back pain

Contractures, tensions, lack of flexibility, EMS relieves back pain with
Muscle strengthening exercises for the spinal muscles. 88% of people feel an improvement after training. EMS prevents back pain and avoids the development of chronic pain.

Strengthening of muscles

Muscular strengthening is essential to any physical activity. Especially when it’s been a while since you’ve practiced a discipline regularly. The EMS allows to “wake up” the muscles and to work in depth those which will be mobilized. With muscle conditioning, the risk of injury and contractures is minimized.

Weight loss

EMS will help you in your goal to lose weight. A 20-minute session is equivalent to 4 hours of traditional sports in a fitness center. By making them work the muscles intensely, you will increase the mass of the muscles and reduce the fat accumulated by the metabolism. The EMS contributes to weight loss while gaining in tone and helps to reshape the silhouette.

Elimination of cellulite

Cellulite is a physiological phenomenon. Dimples, also called “orange peel skin”, are linked to the local accumulation of fat and to a modification of the adipose tissue. In women, cellulite tends to be located on the thighs and waist. A sedentary lifestyle combined with poor circulation increases the chances of dimpled skin. EMS sessions will help eliminate cellulite in a few sessions. It acts as a cure and prevention.


EMS programs are specific to cardio training. They allow you tomaintain your tone and endurance. A 20-minute session is equivalent to 4 hours of gym time. A real time saver for those who want to improve or maintain their physical condition without having to block important time slots in a busy schedule.

EMS post-delivery

EMS is very effective in remusculating the perineum after childbirth. With a specific program, the coach guides you to adopt the right postures and perform movements that will stimulate the muscles related to this area. The benefits are considerable in terms of comfort for women who can avoid all the inconveniences associated with pelvic floor weakness (incontinence, organ descent, etc.)


An EMS session is a great way to relax after a busy day. Physiotherapists and sports trainers have been using muscle electrostimulation for a long time to help top athletes recover after intense physical effort. By using all your energy intensely for 20 minutes, you evacuate all the stored stress that generates tensions and muscular pains.

Drainage - blood circulation

Physiotherapists use EMS to boost blood circulation and energize venous circuits. Try an EMS program to avoid the discomfort of heavy legs or poor circulation.

EMS training programs

4 types of training

The various training courses developed by EMSPRO’s experts allow different user profiles to operate the i-motion products and their programs efficiently, safely and profitably.

These trainings are certifying. They also make it possible to exploit all the possibilities of the equipment and to amortize the investments without losing time.

Réglage d'une ceinture d'électrostimutation i-Motion

The advantages of the I-Motion EMS device

The I-Motion electrostimulator distributed by EMSPRO is the only device on the market that offers muscles an intense and thorough stimulation without unpleasant and painless sensation. This device works wirelessly and can stimulate over 300 muscles for short periods of time, allowing you to see visible results from the very first sessions.
i-Motion devices are developed by professionals specialized in medical device design. Our equipment is entirely designed and assembled in Spain.

All i-Motion equipment distributed by EMSPRO is approved. They have been awarded the KTC certificate, (CE certificate approved by SGS) and the Invima quality management certificate, guaranteeing quality and performance.

The ems...

False ideas!

"EMS is risky."

It is not because you put on a suit equipped with electrodes to send stimulation to the muscles that you end up electrocuted! A programmer makes it possible to regulate their intensity to solicit the muscle without any risk for the body and the heart. In medicine, EMS is used for therapeutic purposes to prevent muscle atrophy, among other things. It is also recommended in aesthetic medicine to stimulate the muscles of the face and to prevent muscle relaxation which is the cause of aging.

1De Bisshop G, Dumoulin J. Antalgic and excito-motor transcutaneous electrical neurostimulation, Masson, Paris, 1991

"EMS hurts!"

The objective is to stimulate the muscle. At the beginning you feel some tingling and then the muscle is contracted. If you feel pain, the intensity is set incorrectly and should be lowered immediately. You may feel a few aches and pains in the hours following an EMS session, but like the aches and pains you feel after any physical effort when you have lost the habit of exercising…

Of course, EMS would not be recommended for therapeutic follow-up after an accident or injury if it caused pain.

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