EMS for individuals: back in shape!

4 hours of sport in 20 minutes

Finally time to do everything!

You’d like to be in good shape but… No time, too much work, family, friends, all that… We have to make choices…

Well no, the cruel choices are over! Electrostimulation provides a radical and practical solution to get back in shape or stay in shape without sacrificing your tasks, your friendships and your leisure time!

The solution is simple: our EMS devices optimize the time you spend moving… or doing nothing!

The principle of electrostimulation

A smart suit in perfect harmony with your body.

Electrostimulation is a principle that has already proven itself for years in the world of high-level sports and health.

The principle is quite simple: you put on a “jacket” in which 18 electrodes are sewn, perfectly isolated from the body. You then launch one of the training programs on your smartphone and as you move, the jacket stimulates all your muscles.

Your body becomes more muscular and burns calories at full speed.

Result: in 20 minutes, it’s as if you had done 4 hours of intense exercise in a gym, zumba or crossfit!

Where to use i-HomeFit?

Train anywhere, anytime

i-HomeFit fits in a simple suitcase. Thanks to its wireless technology, you can easily take it with you and practice your sport and physical exercises wherever you want, alone or accompanied.

At home

Before or after work or school, between 2 homeworking meetings, during the weekend… Take advantage of any free time you have to sculpt your body at home or in the garden. How about watching a great show or listening to your favorite sounds?

In the office

At lunch time or between two meetings, get out your i-HomeFit to do your sport quickly and well, alone or with colleagues at the office or in the coworking space. You can be assisted by the i-HomeFit application on your smartphone, or why not, by a mobile coach…

On the move

When you’re on vacation or on a business trip, there’s no need to worry about interrupting your healthy exercise routine. The i-HomeFit fits discreetly in the trunk of your car or in a good suitcase next to your beachwear, yoga mat or laptop.

The questions we are asked

Absolutely not! Electrostimulation is based on the pulse of vibrations produced by electricity. You only feel the vibrations through your i-HomeFit jacket.

Of course, you can share your i-HomeFit.

No. When you start a training session, you select the pre-recorded program that suits you best on your smartphone, as well as the intensity of the vibrations produced by i-HomeFit. The goal of EMS is above all to do good; this is why this technology has been used for years by top athletes and professionals in the field of health and well-being.

Totally free! The application is included with the purchase of i-HomeFit and its accessories.

i-motion creates specific products for each customer profile, but the quality is the same for everyone. By acquiring an i-HomeFit, you are guaranteed to acquire a device that is as efficient as a device designed for professionals in health, professional sports or care.

Still in doubt? Book your trial!

As an official distributor, EMSPRO accompanies you in the discovery, testing and purchase of your i-motion devices. Are you interested in the i-homefit technology and would like to test it yourself? Book your trial session now!


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