EMS complements and accessories

EMS: EMSPRO supplements

The EMSPRO team has been working for many years in the sports and health care fields. Knowing the needs of the pros, this site offers a range of accessories and products useful and necessary to the practice of EMS, care and exercise in room.

The range of enrichments is composed of :

  • energizing or dietetic food supplements,
  • i-motion accessories or spare parts,
  • cleaning products,
  • equipment for sporting excellence and well-being.

Need specific material or supplements? Contact the EMSPRO store.

BIODY XPERT weight meter

Bioimpedancemetry (BIA) has been used to determine body composition since the 1970s. The impedance meter is a valuable diagnostic tool, very popular with professionals in the field of sports, health and well-being. EMSPRO has chosen to distribute the Biody Xpert impedance meters.

Accessories and products

The EMS on a daily basis

For the professionals, EMSPRO ensures a close follow-up of their needs in maintenance products for their rooms, centers and equipment. Need detergents, spare parts for your i-motion devices, etc. ?

Food supplements

The useful addition to your diet

EMSPRO offers a wide range of food supplements for :

  • diets
  • sports diets

Our supplements and accessories for whom?

Our complements and accessories are offered to professionals but they are also accessible to individuals who are demanding about the quality of the products and equipment they use on a daily basis.

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